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Jan 29, 2011 5:30am EST
for $40,000 for markeding, branding and intellectual property worldwide. >> all right, guys. thank you so much for your pitch and for bringing it on there. i kind of like this thing. i think i could get into that. let me hear what the panel things. norm, let's start with you? >> i'm a little prejudiced. i always go into the pizza place and try to get the biggest piece. i'm not sure -- >> the new york portion. >> exactly. >> i'm not too sure this is for me. i would be interested in hearing what your gross margins is, what your market is. i think your market may be late too small from me. i never discourage nibble from going into their business, and good look. >> ari, how about the pitch? did they miss anything? >> i like the enthusiasm. it sounds more of like an armageddon. i've never seen anybody fight about the slice being too big or too small. i feel like the person cutting the pizza, that's all they do all day is cut the pizza. if they're cutting it at eight slices, doing that ten hours a day, i'm not sure they need a guide to do it. >> your idea would be then to explain the problem a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1